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Solar E will provide you with a tailored proposal using your actual tariff, power consumption profile and system design.

Increase your business profit by installing a Solar Power system and reducing your daytime energy usage costs.

Solare Commercial Advantage - For all Businesses

The average Australian business owner is constantly under pressure with the current and ever increasing cost of electricity. How do you manage this cost? More efficient equipment, LED lighting, better insulation? Well, one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your overall energy costs is with a reliable and high yield commercial solar system.

A solar system can produce enough electrical to cut your current electricity costs and deliver lower electricity tariffs for many years into the future. There is a way to protect yourself from future power price rises now! We offer:

  •  Cash flow positive options
  •  Long term gains
  •  High investment returns
  •  Reduced business risk

Our team will customise a proposal that considers your current electricity consumption profile, the best way to finance your installation and project your returns on investment. Commercial financial benefit options will surprise you with healthy returns that can positively affect your cash flow.

Contact Solar E for your free quote today on 1300 600 222 or email enquiries@solare.com.au. Our service and quality is guaranteed.

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Latest News

Think you can’t install solar on a high rise? Think again! A Melbourne apartment block set a new record with their 47kW system, only costing its owners around $230 each and setting them up for huge savings in their future power bills! Read more

Solar installed on community housing set to help pay for previously homeless residents’ job training as well as lower the energy bills for the tenants. Read more

It is estimated that by 2025, the cost of producing large scale solar will be reduced to between $0.05 and $0.15 per kilowatt hour and by 2050 to $0.02 and $0.11. Read more

Sunshine Coast mushroom farmer saves between $1,200 and $1,500 per month since installing their solar panels. Read more

Work to commence soon on Australia's first ever floating solar plant, located in rural South Australia. Read more

When asked the question, 'How safe is it to fly this aircraft that is powered only by solar power?', pilot Bertrand Piccard said that they are much more afraid of the millions of tonnes of fossil fuels being burned every year rather than flying alone in this plane. Read more

Nigel Morris shares some data, facts and opinions on the solar quality debate that is continuing to rage in Australia. Read more

The 2015 US Solar Decathlon will feature student-designed, built and operated solar-powered homes. Read more

The Clean Energy Council's position on a compromise large-scale Renewable Energy Target for 2020 has Labor's support. Read more

Corena (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) fundraised for the system that is being installed on a school in Adelaide. This is the fifth installation that has been funded entirely by donations raised by Corena. Read more

India to commission World’s largest solar PV plant. Read more

The northern NSW town of Uralla, population 2300, has been chosen as the model for a community energy project called Zero Net Energy Town (ZNET). Read more

Greens leader Christine Milne is hoping to meet key crossbench senators to try to save the renewable energy target. Read more

Victoria is now back in the hands of a party that has seriously supported the development of renewable energy in Australia. The thing is, they never moved fast, but now they have to do that which is unprecedented to get the industry back on its feet. Read more


Richard Blance - I felt compelled to write an endorsement letter for Solar E after they installed a 30kw system on my factory in Welshpool. We have sub tenants so it was important that the system was installed in such a way that the new solar power supply did not interfere with the existing metering arrangements. Read more

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